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Wade Doak

Author and Underwater Photographer, New Zealand

Mother of all life; as I explore the ocean, I am discovering my ancestors.

Wade Doak's Biography

Wade Doak, together with his wife Jan, have over one hundred years of underwater exploration and photography between them. Their generation was first to scuba dive and document the undersea world. "It was better than first-footing the moon. We were flying an unknown world." In '63 they came from the South Island to the Tutukaka Coast to explore the Poor Knights Islands and the treasure ship "Elingamite" and the massacre ship "Boyd" .

Eighteen books and multiple TV films on fishes, marine life, and South Seas exploration began to flow. A lizardfish was named after Wade. For sixteen years the diving couple edited and published "Dive Magazine".

In recent times, they realised it was time to come out of the sea and explore the land. They needed to see the 'big picture'. With their Riches of the North project they have now created an archive that explores 150 top places in Northland, along with its flora and fauna, with intense focus on the pearl: the Tutukaka Coast.

Recent Publications

  • "The Elingamite and its Treasure "(1969);
  • "Beneath New Zealand Seas" (1971);
  • "Diving for Treasure" (1971);
  • "Fishes of New Zealand Region" (1972);
  • "Sharks and Other Ancestors" (1975);
  • "Islands of Survival" (1976);
  • "Dolphin Dolphin" (1981);
  • "The Burning of the Boyd" (1984);
  • "Encounters with Whales and Dolphins" (1988);
  • "Ocean Planet" (1989); his diving autobiography,
  • "Wade Doak's World of NZ Fishes" (1991);
  • "Swimming with Dolphins in NZ" (1993);
  • "Friends in the Sea-Solo Dolphins in NZ and Australia" (1995);
  • and the TV series book: "Deep Blue- a South Pacific Odyssey" (1997).
  • His book, " I am a Fish" (1999), introduces young readers to the various lifestyles of reef fish.

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