Episode 1 Credits

narrated by David Suzuki
director & writer Mike Downie
producer Tina Verma
editor Jacques Milette
cinematography Paul Warren
Michael Sweeney
Mark Gerasimenko
Serge Brunet
underwater cinematography Ross Isaacs
Paul Warren
Mark Gerasimenko
location sound Guntis Sics
Michael May
Jeff Henschel
Christopher Davies
Eric Carbonneau
original music Aaron Davis and John Lang
graphic design Terry O’Neill
Beth Mally
Christian Castel
Christopher Bahry
Titus Hora
Brad Goodspeed
Farah Yusuf
Alexandre Torres
Leonardo Mateus
Daniel Luna
Vini Nascimento
Additional direction Kenton Vaughan
development producer Fran Yanor
series consultant Alanna Mitchell
location managers Gail Pyburn
Angela Tillson
Solomon Berhe
actor Kalau Iwaoka
unit manager June Hall
production managers David Wilson
Kemp Archbald
resource coordinators Analisa Amaroso
Megan Beeckmans
associate director Renée Moreau Burns
researchers Vance Chow
Romilla Karnick
visual research Gina Cali
online editing Edwin Wilkinson
re-recording mix Stephen Traub
sound editing Alan Geldart
music consultant Patrick Russell
colourist Dale Codling
production assistants Molly Asseltine
Beverley Brown
additional footage BBC Motion Gallery
Howard Hall Productions
Footage Search
David Hannan
Ocean Planet Images
Jason Sturgis - Footage taken under the authority
of NMFS Permit No. 753-1599-2
Save Our Seas, Ltd - Tom Campbell
Biomedia Associates
Thought Equity Motion™
Absolutely Wild Visuals
The Academy of Natural Sciences - Ted Daeschler
Maximo Salas
Nobumichi Tamura
Mark Heine
The Natural History Museum, London
Science Photo Library
Kalliopi Monoyios
Ron Blakey NAU Geology
Cite Amerique Inc.
special thanks Caroline Irving
Kim Juniper
Verena Tunnicliffe
Jonathan Rose
CCGS John P. Tully Crew
Peter Ward
Patrick Ward
Jeremy Hutton
Andy Dunstan
John Rumney
Eric Gaidos
Ted Daeschler
Roger Thomas
Neil Shubin
University of Victoria
Academy of Natural Sciences
VENUS Project
Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility

produced by
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

in association with
National Geographic Channels

and with the participation of
Science Channel
executive producer Michael Allder
series producer Caroline Underwood
produced by
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
(c) MMX

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