The Issues

  • Acidification

    Our use of fossil fuels, our dependence on fertilizers, our demand for more and more land, contribute one way or another to one of the greatest threats facing our ocean today, acidification. Acidification is controllable! You can help put a stop to it.

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  • Coral Depletion

    Corals and coral reefs have been with us for millions of years. We could lose most of them in just a few decades. Help repair our reefs and save our deep-sea corals!

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  • Deadzones

    There are areas in our global ocean devoid of life. Forty years ago there were fewer than fifty of these so-called dead zones. Today there are 405. The proliferation of these zones can be stopped. Pledge to make the ocean a living zone, not a dead zone!

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  • Overfishing

    The ocean is a complex system of interdependent relationships. It is also the life-blood of millions of people. Aquaculture is not the answer. Careful management of our exploitation is. Depleted stocks can bounce back. Help stop overfishing.

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  • Pollution

    Our pollution has over-run the ocean’s natural filtering and recycling capabilities and kills seabirds and sea creatures by the hundreds of thousands yearly. We only have one ocean. Keep it clean. Pledge to do more about pollution.

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