Make a Pledge

Practice and promote recycling.


When using consumer plastic, recycle it wherever possible to keep it out of the ocean. Place a sign on garbage bins encouraging people to recycle, and collect products that you find and recycle them.

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  • Janice Cowley
    Posted 2013/04/20
    at 01:14 PM ET

    Teach our children how important it is for each person to see they have a part in the solution and a voice in the outcome and to get involved. Recycle all kitchen waste, grow a garden, plant a tree, plant many trees, different species. Help a Earth, by taking care of her!

  • Oceanuser45
    Posted 2010/12/15
    at 06:43 AM ET

    Go Green!

  • shoejunkie
    Posted 2010/08/21
    at 11:04 PM ET

    It is time for everyone to step up to the plate to save our oceans from further damage and pollution...

  • phil
    Posted 2010/08/07
    at 06:07 PM ET

    We must take care of this Blue Planet, no choice.

  • Jamie Andrews-Croom
    Posted 2010/08/05
    at 10:45 PM ET

    I love to recyle and pray that my children will do the same when they have a family! Our earth is our baby it needs to be pampered

  • bee2274
    Posted 2010/08/05
    at 07:51 PM ET

    When I was little my parents usually never recycled. Now we have our bins set up in the garage and wew are always recycling. I also yell at my friends when they litter. All these little acts can lead up to a big motion.

  • OneWorld
    Posted 2010/07/20
    at 02:51 PM ET

    I practice recycling all the time at home, i get on my parents ass about it also. Coming from the past generation it really was never a big issues with them but slowly i have been changing there minds about it. What I hate about the city I live in, is that there is still alot of different kinds of plastics that the recycling companies still don't take. I have lived in larger cities before and they took everything that was plastic. It should not matter what the size of the city is, everything needs to be recycled. Use reusable containers, instead of one time use plastic bags. We only have one world and we need to keep it clean.

  • lilrazkalgws
    Posted 2010/07/11
    at 03:34 PM ET

    I practice recycling at home and also at the various recycling centres at public events and community gatherings. Thankfully our city, London, Ontario, is making more of an effort to have recycling stations at most public events. It would be nice if some effort could be put forward to recycle "clam shell" plastic across the board in Ontario. Unfortunately London has no such arrangement! Really fills up the garbage bags!!! Too Bad!!!