Make a Pledge

Dispose of garbage properly, on land or water.


Litter does damage, especially in the water! Carry a small, washable bag in your pocket and collect any garbage you find.

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  • paula
    Posted 2013/01/24
    at 03:24 PM ET

    I pledge to dispose of garbage and recycle

  • btfgraphic
    Posted 2011/02/10
    at 03:39 PM ET

    As a scuba diver I see a lot of rubbish caught up on the sea bed and I already try to clear this whenever I can. Disposal of rubbish sensibly can only help keep our world functioning well.

  • Joanne Zeltmann
    Posted 2011/01/22
    at 11:33 PM ET

    Avoiding use of plastic/disposable shopping bags; recycling correctly; avoiding toxic goods; using natural pest control and garden products/methods; conserving water & reusing "gray" water for plants; buying local & organic produce; eating many things we can do for "ocean health" and the health of Mother Earth.

  • Kevin Anthony
    Posted 2011/01/22
    at 10:30 PM ET

    I live in a big city and I wont have a hard time filling at least 2 bags of garbage in the streets and roadsides!!!

  • michela messineo
    michela messineo
    Posted 2010/10/06
    at 06:06 PM ET

    RECYCLING is ESSENTIAL for US & for OUR CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • phil
    Posted 2010/08/07
    at 06:09 PM ET

    It does not take alot of energy to dispose of garbage properly.

  • Lynn in Ottawa
    Lynn in Ottawa
    Posted 2010/07/22
    at 11:47 AM ET

    Recycling and picking up garbage around our community is easy, and a GREAT way to get my kids involved in being environmentally aware!

  • Pawa Haiyupis
    Posted 2010/07/15
    at 11:02 PM ET

    i pledge to bring a plastic bag to the beach to collect random garbage