Make a Pledge

Watch an ocean documentary.


Watching an ocean documentary is a quick way to introduce yourself to the issues and wonders of the ocean. There are documentaries available on-line, on television, at the theatre or at the library.

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  • Vicki Fields
    Posted 2013/11/03
    at 06:01 PM ET

    My favorite eco-ocean video is Chasing Ice. Everyone on this planet should be required to watch it...a visual documentation of Global Warming.

  • Andrea Duong
    Posted 2012/05/17
    at 08:40 AM ET

    I've watched The Cove.. as well as a short from Finding Nemo with Jean-Michel Cousteau.

  • Arik
    Posted 2011/06/14
    at 05:01 AM ET

    BBC Earth Power - Oceans
    BBC Earth Power - Rare Earth

  • Abhijeet Lokhande
    Posted 2011/03/21
    at 12:12 AM ET

    Must watch for everybody!

  • vicksterS
    Posted 2010/10/04
    at 04:22 PM ET

    I have seen a number of documentaries. I recommend Sharkwater and The Cove which are informative and disturbing. I learned that dolphins are small toothed whales which are being slaughtered in Japan despite world wide anti-whaling campaigns.

    I also saw One Ocean on CBC which was amazing. I hope you will do an update on the new ocean survey or inventory that was studied by scientists. They have catalogued 1 million species and thousands are new discoveries. Some creatures are very strange looking, wonderous and other worldly in nature.

  • phil
    Posted 2010/08/07
    at 06:10 PM ET

    The "Ocean documentaries on CBC are fantastic, a must watch for everybody!

  • Carol45789
    Posted 2010/05/16
    at 10:57 PM ET

    I have watched several documentaries and I always try to email the links or place it on facebook to try and spread the word.

  • darron
    Posted 2010/04/05
    at 09:26 AM ET

    I've watched One Ocean and SharkWater