Make a Pledge

Go to the beach as often as possible.


Visiting the ocean creates a personal connection, helping you to appreciate the value of the ocean and work to protect it.

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  • Karla Zuniga
    Posted 2014/03/13
    at 03:19 AM ET

    I pledge to go to the ocean and collect as much garbage as I can hopefully bystanders will notice the help needed and join me too. I will do my best to be a good role model

  • Jan Jamil
    Posted 2013/07/22
    at 02:45 PM ET

    I pledge to go to the ocean as often as possible to renew my spirit, and to teach my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to love the ocean as if it were their second home.

  • Janice Cowley
    Posted 2013/04/20
    at 01:18 PM ET

    Lets get to the west coast and help the clean up of the Japanese tsunami that is hitting our west coast of Vancouver island. Lets get as much debris as we can out of coastal waters and either recycled or deposed of though other means, especially the Styrofoam.

  • gyre
    Posted 2012/04/02
    at 08:02 PM ET

    i pledge to ban the purchase of plastic at memorial university of newfoundland before 2013.

  • oceanshoegirl
    Posted 2012/02/26
    at 10:02 PM ET

    i pledge to share this website with my friends so they can learn about our threatened oceans

  • Genie
    Posted 2011/09/13
    at 10:47 AM ET

    We live on a peninsula surrounded by the sea and recognize how precious it is,our favorite place to play!!

  • DeepBlue
    Posted 2010/07/29
    at 03:27 PM ET

    As the waves ebb and flow, I inhale and exhale.... and so does the Earth. Save our ocean.

  • sand curve
    sand curve
    Posted 2010/07/28
    at 06:44 PM ET

    I'm a long time beachcomber. I find treasures and trash...I sort, save and house looks like an extension of the beach...