Make a Pledge

Buy locally and purchase organic.


Buying locally produced foods eliminates transport and buying from organic producers reduces fertilizer and pesticides. Consume locally and save coral reefs.

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  • lieniki
    Posted 2011/07/18
    at 02:17 AM ET

    My home city is Bunbury, Western Australia, Down under.
    Recently our Government has declared several no fish zones, to help depleted fish stocks in our area. I always by locally, but more & more overseas fish products are flooding our markets with species which are on the decline, like Blue fin tuna. It's Easy to Not Do Something when youre confronted with all these imports. So Allways get it Fresh, Not Frozen, is my motto.

  • Belladonna000
    Posted 2010/08/05
    at 11:08 PM ET

    At times, in the local supermarket, it is difficult to find local produce. In addition, on Vancouver Island, it is difficult to find locally produced beef. I try to shop at smaller markets that stock both local produce and Island meats whenever possible. I have made it a policy to shop for local first and organic whenever possible.

  • OneWorld
    Posted 2010/07/20
    at 03:00 PM ET

    I love going to the local farmers market. Its great that we are able to give back to the locals, who work so hard on there local farms. We have friends that own a farm just outside the city and we buy our beef and eggs from them. It makes me feel better knowing that our food is grown organiclly. Also living on the great lakes is great for catching fresh fish !!!!

  • Seahorse
    Posted 2010/03/04
    at 08:12 PM ET

    Living in Montreal, it is difficult if not near impossible to have local fish. But at least I try to by only Canadian fish from the East coast, the nearest coast !